Discovering New Organic Wine Favorites

Recently we came across Millesima USA when researching organic wine and it’s become a very helpful resource for our ongoing search for new organic wines to enjoy with family and friends. Millesima USA is the American arm of Bordeaux-based Millesima SA, a leader in online sales of European fine wines. Also, they have a wine boutique in NYC. You should definitely visit the next time you find yourself in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. So, we’re planning a trip to NYC in the fall and this is on the top of our list of places to shop. 


Millesima Wines

Discovering New Organic Wine Favorites

We’ve learned a lot about biodynamic wine through Millesima and we love how it’s rooted in the belief that everything in the universe is interconnected. This form of organic winemaking is becoming increasingly popular as it is regulated by an astrological calendar. Wow! Biodynamic wines have no added sulfites, sugar or other additives. Also, this means you don’t get the nasty headaches that come along with drinking conventional wine. 

Why drink organic wine over conventional wine?

Organic winemaking is about respecting the land from which the grapes are grown and many wineries practice organic farming in response to the concern for the well-being of the land and the quality of their wine. Therefore, what many don’t realize is that there’s been decades of soil destruction when it comes to the way grapes are typically grown. They are grown using commercial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Also, this was a shock to us. It really opened our eyes as we work hard to follow a paleo diet and eat as clean as possible. When we would reach for a glass of wine to relax in the evening, usually being enjoyed while cooking a healthy, nourishing dinner, little did we know we were basically undoing all of the clean eating efforts of the day. Talk about a wake-up call! 



different Millesima Wine organic wines

When shopping for organic wine it is important to make sure to look for the labels ‘Made from Organic Grapes’, which means the wine is made from certified organically grown grapes that avoid any synthetic additives, and ‘Organic’, which are made from organically grown grapes and are also made without any added sulfites. FYI: again a lot of people are sensitive to sulfites. Consuming them can lead to headaches and awful wine hangovers. So, there’s another reason of why it’s best to go organic with your wine! 

Organic wines we’re most excited about:

top view of bottles of organic wines

If you’re still into non-organic wines, which is fine as well, Millesima is a fantastic resource if you are in need of a special gift for an upcoming birthday, engagement or anniversary. They have many curated lists and we usually gravitate towards the Great Value Wines: 90+ points Wine Advocate or Wine Spectator under $25. It’s fantastic for discovering and wowing friends with interesting, unique and highly rated wine finds. We’ve been eyeing this Malbec that comes in at $15 and this Chianti at $18.

Louis Roederer Champagne Millesima Wine



We’d love to learn of your favorite wines below! 

Cheers friends!


This post is sponsored by Millesima and all opinions are my own


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