Five Ways To Make Bedtime More Relaxing

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #StimulateTheSenses #CollectiveBias #EmbraceEssentialOils

Hi Friends! We’re excited to be incorporating more wellness content on our blog as it’s something we’re passionate about. We all know sleep directly impacts our wellbeing and sometimes sleep doesn’t come easy. Life gets stressful and it’s hard to calm ourselves down. We’ve struggled with balancing work schedules and too many things on our plate. We also know a lot of you have been in the same situation. So, today we are sharing with you five things we implement into our bedtime routines that have helped so much!

How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

  1. Yoga: We love doing yoga. It helps put us at ease and allows our minds and bodies to get to a more relaxed state. Not to mention there are so many yoga poses that are great for before you go to bed. There’s even bedtime yoga routines you can do. We love searching for these on YouTube and trying different sequences out to see what works best for us.
  2. Meditation: We recently started meditating and it is already making an incredible difference. There are so many apps out there for you to choose from. We like Headspace, Calm and the Mindfulness app. I know that this can seem intimidating and I’m happy to report that these apps make incorporating meditation into your routine easy to do. It not only calms the mind but also can ease anxiety. The recommended time to spend is the minute equivalent to your age and all at the same time if you can. I’m thirty years old so I try and do thirty minutes of meditating a day. That being said even five to fifteen minutes helps immensely.
  3. Run a bath: A warm tub soak for 20-30 minutes does wonders!
  4. Journal: Many people have recommended keeping a gratitude journal and for good reason. It’s a wonderful practice to write down all of the people and things that you are grateful for before going to sleep. It puts you in a happy state and shows you how full life is. What a great mindset to be in before bed!
  5. Essential Oils: We LOVE essential oils! They’re especially great when it comes to aiding in relaxing and helping one achieve a calm state. Incorporating the use of essential oils into our nightly routines has become a favorite practice and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Nature’s Truth® to share how their wonderful aromatherapy product offerings helps us have a restful night’s sleep! Also, essential oils are perfect to be used alongside meditation and yoga to enhance the experience.

Our favorite products include:

  • Lavender Mist Spray
  • Lavender 15ml Essential Oil
  • Good Nite™ Mist Spray
  • Good Nite™ Essential Oil
  • Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Mini Diffuser
  • Nature’s Truth Sweet Almond 100% Pure oil (favorite base oil to mix essential oils in)

Nature’s Truth aromatherapy products are versatile and can be used in many different ways! We also love that they use optimal and honest extraction methods while guaranteeing that each oil is derived from 100% all-natural plant sources such as flowers, leaves and roots. You’ll also be happy to find out that all of these products are paraben free and gluten free!

Did we mention that these Nature’s Truth products are available at your local Walgreens (along with many other stores)?! Here’s an image below of the aisle we found them on. If you get lost in Walgreens looking for them just go to where the vitamins and home goods are. You can also save some money using this link!

Learn more here!


Emily & Barbie

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #StimulateTheSenses #CollectiveBias #EmbraceEssentialOils



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