How We’re Making Our Kitchen Smarter

… and starting our coffeemaker from bed!


Hi Foodie Friends! Emily here. Some of you know my husband and I just bought our first home! When I walked in and saw the gourmet kitchen our house hunt was finally over. Chris knew it too after experiencing my extreme excitement. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and I don’t want these culinary school skills to go to waste!

Since the first day of moving in I’ve been curating, organizing and making our new kitchen more efficient. A recent addition is being able to make it smarter with new kitchen tech products from Hive Home!


If you’re thinking about making your home smarter the Hive Welcome Home Plan is a great and affordable place to start. Hive has created a family of beautifully designed, simple-to-use smart products that are controlled through your phone. We also love that their mission is to make people’s lives easier all while freeing up time for people to enjoy the things they love most.

Hive Welcome Home comes with: Active Thermostat, Active Plug (our favorite!), Active Light, Window and Door Sensors and the Hive Hub and app that brings it all together.

Today we’re focusing on the Hive Active Plug. We love that we’re able to control our most used plugged-in appliances, turning them on or off all from our phone or through Amazon echo.


There are so many ways these smart plugs save you time. I can click things on and off remotely and that way there’s no wasting precious time in the morning. Anything to lessen the mad rush to get ready and out the door is fine by me!

Sharing something a bit more personal with you all… I’m definitely NOT a morning person. The active plug now helps me streamline my morning routine and my favorite thing to do is start and stop my coffeemaker from anywhere in my home – even from bed!

Hive-HomeHive TechnologyHive

Fresh, hot coffee ready at the exact moment I need it! Also, if y’all don’t own a milk frother you need to add one to your kitchen tools now. Barbie and I both use ours everyday and it literally turns an ordinary cup of coffee into a beautiful, elevated gourmet treat! Latte in an instant, yum! This one is on sale for $7.99. Trust us and treat yourself to a milk frother wand now.  You can even use it to whisk up a delicious matcha latte made directly in your cup.


The smart plugs are helpful outside of the kitchen too for situations like turning your hair straightener off from work if you forgot (guilty!) and on a more fun note, controlling your music from anywhere in your home. Bonus, Hive products also pair with Amazon Echo – another one of our favorite home and kitchen tech products!

Hive Home Pairs with Amazon Alexa Hive TechnologyHive Home

How do you streamline your routines to allow for more time doing what you love? Have any smart home products or favorite must-have kitchen tools like our milk frother mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from y’all!


Emily & Barbie

This post was sponsored Hive. All opinions are our own. Thank y’all for supporting the brands that help support our blog!

Photos by: Beckley 

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