Restaurant Review: Tei Tei Robata Bar

We’ve been wanting to try Tei Tei Robata Bar for awhile now, especially after having such an incredible dining experience at Tei-An, one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas. The Tei Tei menu is centered around “robata” which references the traditional grill cooking style of Northern Japan and we were excited to try it!


Tei Tei is tucked away off of Henderson Avenue and to get to the entrance you are led through a beautiful Japanese garden, which immediately puts you in a zen-like state.


Drink-wise we ordered this smooth and refreshing White Ale from Hitachino Nest . The label initially caught our eye; who can resist such a cute little owl? We were even more excited to find out that the beer is brewed using a hint of traditional sake brewing methods.



We were sat at the bar, which is what we were hoping for. Our waitress was very nice and helpful, especially when guiding us through the best way to order our items. We loved how interactive it all was! You can see the produce, seafood, and protein right in front of you. It’s on ice showcasing the beauty and freshness of the delectable offerings and what’s even better was getting to watch the chef prepare our food right in front of us.


To start we ordered the artichokes and mushrooms from the robata offerings. These artichokes were delicious all by themselves and we could have done without this jalapeño ranch, it just took away from the delicate flavor of the artichoke, which was fantastic.


We highly recommend trying these mushrooms that are cooked on the grill – so much flavor and we loved the daikon radish relish that accompanied them- basically an explosion of yumminess when combined.


Tei Tei also offers a full selection of award winning sushi and sashimi. We loved it all, especially the salmon sashimi, it’s some of the best we’ve ever had.


This miso cod was AMAZING! I’ll definitely be ordering this next time, along with the wagyu cooked robata style. I also want to add that our absolute favorite miso cod dish is at Nobu here in Dallas.


Okra and rice. This was delicious! Only order if you can handle the mucus that comes along with okra though.


Most Memorable Dishes:

  • Miso Cod
  • Mushrooms on the robata
  • Salmon sashimi

Could have done without:

  • They had a rather flat Malbec
  • The jalapeño ranch that came with the artichokes, it felt like an awkward pairing

Until next time!

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