The Revival of Hard Cider

Hard cider is making a comeback, not only is it delicious but is full of heritage. Enjoyed by some of our first presidents, John Adams, the second US president, was said to down a glass every morning! Now the audience has shifted to Gen Yers, with consumption being evenly divided between men and women. Ciders also attract a more affluent consumer, especially in the craft category. These factors are drawing major brewers’ interest.


Growing interest in the drink’s heritage, as well as its health properties as a gluten-free alcoholic drink, keep the beverage interesting and aligned with current health trends. Consumers are demanding premium beverages, food, and experiences. Hard cider offers this and can be a relatively inexpensive way to add some mouthwatering, bursting with flavor, indulgence to their lives. Now, even Dallas has their very on Cider shop – Bishop Cider Company. Let your thirst be quenched!

Sources: The Examiner & Nielsen Wire

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