Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower

In early December we celebrated Emily’s baby shower and we’re excited to be sharing the details with you today! Given that her baby shower was during the festive winter season Emily decided on the baby shower theme ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside‘.

Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower

This was such a fun one to pull together and since it was also around Christmas time we were able to include the already existing Christmas decor as well! We found so much inspiration on Pinterest and lots of fun & sweet decorations on Etsy. Keep reading for all the details and learn how to throw a festive wintertime baby shower!

Emily’s definitely a girly girl and is not afraid of copious amounts of pink! We all decided to wear varying shades of pink in celebration of little Eleanor. On Emily, Dress: ASOS Maternity (sold out, similar here & here) // Barbie’s Dress: lace dress from Isabel Maternity at Target on sale for only $29! That’s our sweet mama on the left 🙂

The Food

macarons for Baby It's Cold Outside Baby Shower

With the baby shower being in the afternoon our menu featured lots of sweet treats like festive cookies, candies and chocolates. The star of our luxurious sweets spread was the beautiful and equally decadent macaron tower from JOY Macarons here in Dallas. All flavor were delicious and the standouts were definitely the honey lavender, Italian cream and rose & lychee!

We also had some savory trays from Central Market. Again, we wanted to keep things easy on ourselves so we just ordered the tea sandwiches and fruit + cheese trays for our guests to nosh on. Plus, most of the focus was put on setting up our DIY Hot Cocoa Bar that really played up the Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower theme!


DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

diy hot cocoa bar for Baby It's Cold Outside Baby Showercups for diy hot cocoa bar for Baby It's Cold Outside Baby Shower

Holiday Hot Chocolate bars have always been a favorite of ours so we were excited to incorporate it into Emily’s baby shower. Again, we pulled a lot of inspiration from Pinterest as it’s full of fantastic tutorials on how to set up fun and festive DIY Hot Cocoa Bars!

Here’s a few of our favorite pins that will help get you started. Also, ETSY & Amazon had everything we needed, and we didn’t have to worry about running additional errands to pick up more supplies, therefore decreasing any additional stress! When you’re hosting it’s important to not overwhelm yourself as you don’t want to feel rushed when setting the party up.

Must have supplies:

Cute To-Go Cups or Mugs (Mugs would make a great take home favor for guests!)

Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Candies, Marshmallows & Chocolates for Decorating 

Drink Warmers


Of course we also had champagne flowing and some non-alcoholic bubbly for us from Ready to Pop! Also, how perfect are these gold champagne flutes we picked up at Target?! Love!

The Decor

Christmas treedecoration during a baby shower

Shop Decor & Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower Invites


The Fun

Instead of games we passed around Wishes for Baby cards that our friends and family filled out while Emily opened presents. This was such a sweet idea and Emily was able to read them in private after the shower. She loved seeing everyone’s wishes for baby Eleanor and this was one of her favorite parts of the shower. Plus, you can save the cards as a keepsake and read them to baby! Here’s some of our favorites below:

Wishes For Baby Template

Dear Baby,

I hope you get your Mom’s ____

I hope you get your Dad’s ____

I hope you learn ____

I hope you aren’t afraid ____

I hope you love ____

I hope you never forget ____

I hope you become ____

With love,


people at Baby It's Cold Outside Baby Shower Emily Dunn with her mom at Baby It's Cold Outside Baby ShowerEmily Dunn with friends at Baby It's Cold Outside Baby ShowerEmily Dunn at Baby It's Cold Outside Baby Shower

Thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family who made this such a sweet and special day for Emily! We had the BEST time!

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Emily & Barbie

What’s been your favorite baby shower theme? Are you expecting? Let us know in the comments below!

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