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Restaurant Review: Bon Ton Cafe

If you’re looking for an authentic experience the next time you’re in New Orleans then eat where the locals eat! The Bon Ton Cafe is serving up the best traditional Cajun food in New Orleans! Keep reading to learn what to order and the history of this New Orleans staple.

Bon Ton Cafe

We highly recommend Bon Ton Cafe for a fantastic lunch! Our father was the first one to try out Bon Ton Cafe on a work trip a while back and now every time we’re in New Orleans we make sure and stop in for their delicious award winning Cajun food.

Bon Ton Cafe was established in 1953 making it the oldest Cajun restaurant in New Orleans and they’ve been serving up their famous family recipes (think gumbo, crawfish étouffée and jambalaya) ever since! The front door opens into their quaint bistro style dining room and the tables are adorned with old school checkered table cloths, crackers and freshly baked bread baskets. We love this approachable bistro style dining.

Bon Ton Cafe

{Crawfish Étouffée with Parsley Buttered Rice}

Bon Ton Cafe

{Crab au Gratin}

After watching ‘The Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate | Cheese Edition‘ on Food Network we knew we had to order the Crabmeat Au Gratin – Chef John Besh loves this dish and you can watch the episode here. Warning, you’re mouth will start watering as he describes this crave worthy entree! It’s seriously amazing and absolutely irresistible!

Bon Ton Cafe

{Étouffée Sampler}

Bon Ton Cafe

{Bon Ton Cafe Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce}


What to Order 

  • Rum Ramsey Cocktail
  • Turtle Soup
  • Crawfish Bisque
  • Crabmeat Au Gratin
  • Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce


Bon Ton Café

401 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 524-3386

*** Closed on weekends




Emily & Barbara

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  1. 11.28.21
    Fred Finlayson said:

    Reservations possible for 2 people Wednesday 6:00 PM?

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