How We Keep Our Energy Up with Foodie Fuel!

Foodie Fuel

Foodie Fuel Snack

Back in December we were introduced to Foodie Fuel snacks and instantly loved the product! Foodie Fuel’s artfully crafted Fuel Snacks are made from Mother Nature’s cleanest and most nutrient-rich ingredients making for a delicious, guilt-free, low-calorie treat!

Lately, we’ve really been focusing on buying organic and fueling our bodies with as many superfoods as possible. Ever since attending the ShiftCon conference we’ve been more motivated than ever to lead and live healthier lifestyles.

Why Just Snack When You Can Fuel?!

We always try and have healthy snacks on hand. Staying energized throughout the day leads to better, more productive days! We enjoy using Foodie Fuel as pre-workout snacks to help provide more energy resulting in more effective workouts. Y’all know it’s the absolute worst trying to workout when you’re hungry and feeling low energy! Foodie Fuel makes it easy to have healthy snacks on hand! They also come in portable ziplock bags making it easy to bring with you while you’re on the go. We even have some stashed in our desks at work!


We love that Foodie Fuel is a unique power-packed snack that helps keep you on your A game and sustains energy levels between meals.

Foodie Fuel

Foodie Fuel comes in four delicious flavors:

Coconut Vanilla

Cinnamon Ginger

Swiss Chocolate

Butter Toffee

Foodie Fuel Butter Toffee

We also like to use Foodie Fuel’s Fuel Snacks like granola. Try crumbling it over yogurt or fruit for an extra energy and nutrient boost! Yum!

Foodie Fuel Swiss Chocolate

Fuel Snacks | Benefits:

Certified Organic

Gluten Free




Energy Bites

Fuel Snacks | Additional Health Bonuses:

Complete Protein

Slow-Burning Carbohydrates

Healthy Fats

Fiber Balanced Snack

Foodie Fuel Coconut Vanilla

Foodie Fuel

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Foodie Fuel

How do you stay fueled throughout the day? Let us know in the comments below! 

A big thank you to Foodie Fuel and Mambo Sprouts for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% our own. Photography credit: Stephanie Drenka






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  1. 1.26.17
    Dawn said:

    My favorite Foodie Fuel is the swiss chocolate! It’s a great snack if you have a sweet tooth craving or just need to satisfy those hunger pains! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 1.26.17
      Emily Stafford said:

      Hi Dawn!
      We love the Swiss Chocolate too! Really it’s hard to pick because they’re all so tasty!

  2. 1.26.17
    Stephanie said:

    omg the jumping gif! you are the CUTEST, em!! such a fun day.

    • 1.27.17
      Emily Stafford said:

      What can I say Steph?! You inspire me! Thank you for mentoring me and for such a fun day! Looking forward to the million more to come!

  3. 1.30.17
    Cindy said:

    What a great snack idea. I want to try them!

    • 1.30.17
      Emily Stafford said:

      Hi Cindy! They’re fantastic and you will love them!

      You can find them at your local health food store and on their website.


  4. 3.6.17
    Abbey said:

    Such a fun post! Love Foodie Fuel! Coconut Vanilla for me!

    • 3.8.17
      Emily Stafford said:

      Thanks Abbey!

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