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Dominica, The Nature Island

So, my mom called me up and asked if I wanted to join her on a trip to Dominica since she was going to be speaking at a medical conference there. I said of course, ready for adventure and some island relaxation! To be totally honest I thought she had meant the Dominican Republic, being that I had never heard of the island of Dominica – The Nature Island.


After doing some research I quickly discovered that Dominica is in the Caribbean close to Martinique and Guadalupe. It’s known as the nature island due to 2/3rds of it being cover by tropical rain forest. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls are plentiful, along with 1,200 different kinds of plant species. If you’re looking for an off the beaten path unique eco tourism experience, Dominica is the island for you! You can hike to your hearts delight and it’s also a destination for divers too.




{Rosalie Bay Resort} You can read our review here.

Domenica Trip-39

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Domenica Trip

{Exploring the lush rain forest}

{How incredible is this tree?! Hiking is a must when you come to Dominica.}

Hiking in Domenica

{Nature trails abound. I would suggest that you hire a guide. You learn so much more and they keep you safe! We were told that there were cobras in the forest and also lots of things you shouldn’t touch! Still worth the adventure. We had the most amazing guide named Buddha}


Domenica Trip-6

{Hot Springs. You can read more about Dominica’s hot water exploration opportunities here. We wish we would have had time to visit the Boiling Lake and Champagne springs, which is underwater. }


{Our fantastic guide Buddha who definitely elevated our entire Dominica experience. He’s the best!}


{I finally faced my fear of heights and jumped off the cliff into the fresh water pool! Thanks to the encouragement and motivation from new friends and Buddha}

Domenica Trip

{Rums one of my favorites and this island has a lot of it!}

Domenica Trip

{Passionfruit rum?! Yes please!}

Domenica Trip-46

{These Kubuli Shandys were delicious! I couldn’t get enough of them! Also, this is the Spice Man. He owns the shop and it’s a definite must stop if you are in Roseau. As a foodie, this was definitely one of our favorite stops.}


{Enjoying an island favorite – Kubuli}

Domenica Trip

{Love how vibrant everything is here!}


{Spending a half day at Screw’s Sulphur Spa. The man above built this spa by hand! He was super nice and we enjoyed hearing his story, which made us appreciate everything that much more. The place is great, lots of different pools at different temperatures with reggae music playing in the background. On our way out we were provided with fresh fruit plates to recharge. We highly recommend stopping here!}


Domenica Island

{Stunning views}


{Tropical flowers at Rosalie Bay}




Domenica Trip

Domenica Trip

Domenica Trip-15

{Watching the sunset at Rosalie Bay Resort}

You have the relaxation opportunity when you come to Dominica but I’d say it’s much more focused on adventure and being very active. It is the nature island after all and is well suited for the adventurer seeking experiences out of the ordinary, unlike anything else.


Domenica Island Guide

Happy Travels!

Emily & Barbara

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