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Each year we make several visits to Portland, Maine, to visit family. These trips are always highly anticipated not just for the family-time, but also because Portland has an awesome restaurant scene! Although we have eaten at quite a few of the best restaurants in Portland, the trip always seems to fly by leaving us craving more.

Duck Fat

I finally got the chance to check out Duck Fat and savor their highly anticipated Duck Poutine! Also, Zagat recently voted Duck Fat one of the top 10 hottest restaurants in Portland, Maine!

Duck Fat Maine

To drink, I ordered an Allagash White to wash my poutine down. Allagash White is the Allagash Brewing Company’s take on a traditional Belgian wheat beer, and you know we are all about wheat beers! Allagash White is light and refreshing, with citrusy notes of orange peel. It is my go-to brew when we are staying in Maine.

Duck Fat

I knew after perusing Duck Fat’s website that I had to try their fries. They say that their fries are their inspiration and the reason they opened the restaurant, so you know these are going to be stellar fries! Duck Fat makes their fries using hand-cut Maine potatoes fried Belgian-style in duck fat and then tossed with their seasoning salt. And these delicious slices of fried-heaven form the base of their tantalizing duck poutine that just might be one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

We ordered a large poutine “fully loaded” and it was incredibly delicious – so decadent! The fries formed the base of the dish, as with any traditional poutine, but what truly made this poutine standout were the toppings. The crisp fries were topped with indulgent Silvery Moon Creamery cheese curd, savory duck confit gravy that cooked overnight, and a fried egg with fresh chives to top it all off. I am salivating just thinking about the flavor combinations and textures in this dish. It’s salty, creamy, meaty, rich, and so unbelievably satisfying.

Duck Fat

Three of us split the dish but secretly I wanted an order all to myself and probably will do that next time, because there will most definitely be a next time! Fortuitous Foodies give Duck Fat an A+!

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