The Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

I love shopping Uncommon Goods as they always have a unique, thoughtful variety of gifts. You can find something extra special! My mom loves sunflowers and they have a seedling garden that I’m excited to gift her for Christmas this year. My husband loves craft whiskey and they have special chilling stones for that….. you get the picture, something for everyone!

When it comes to shopping last-minute Christmas gifts Uncommon Goods has you covered. Just so you know, here’s the shipping information for getting your gifts by Christmas:

  • Friday before 5pm for Expedited 2 business day shipping
  • Monday before 5pm for Express 1 ¬†business day shipping

Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Uncommon Goods


Lotus Serving Board: Love how this board has intricate shapes that would be perfect for your next dinner party

Pinch and Pour Stacker: The perfect house warming gift!

Best Wishes Olive Tree: I hope my husband reads this as this is on my wish list. I LOVE olives and owning an olive orchard some day is a dream of mine

World Coloring Table Cloth: Speaking of dinner parties how perfect is this coloring tablecloth for the kids table?!

Molcajete with Tortilla Basket: Being from Texas I believe these two items should definitely be in your kitchen

Global Chili & Stew Seasoning Kit: My sister once bought me a global spice set and it lasted me over an entire year. I had so much fun creating in the kitchen with my kit and for all chili lovers out there this would be perfect!

Wine Pairing Towel Set : Each of these towels covers 68 popular wines and 56 different foods, for 3,808 possible pairings

The Om Sound Glasses – Set of 2: These etched “om” glasses vibrate at 432 hertz, the same frequency as the universe

Sound Healing Tuner: Feel extra balanced with this soothing tuning fork, accompanied by a brass flower and rose quartz crystal

Indoor Desert Grow Kit: Crafty ceramics let you grow cute, self-watering plants from seeds

Mom’s Survival Pack: New moms rejoice, spa out with these all-natural products that help soothe moms who haven’t taken “me” time in a while

Gift Certificate: Because who wouldn’t want to pick out their own gift, I know I would!

So why shop Uncommon Goods? Not only do they have a vast and amazing selection, every design / product Uncommon Goods has stocked incorporates elements of creativity.

They are always looking for goods that:

  • Serve a purpose
  • Solve a problem
  • Stun with their beauty
  • Are handmade with exceptional craft and skill
  • Use unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials
  • Are made without leather, feathers, or fur


Happy Holidays!


Thank you to Uncommon Goods for being a brand partner for two years in a row and gifting us some of your wonderful holiday gift collection. In partnership with Uncommon Goods and Shopping Links. All opinions are my own.

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