Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

Packing Tips

As we were dreaming about all of the trips we want to take this summer, we thought you all might like to know some of our tips and tricks when it comes to packing and staying organized while traveling. As many of you are probably gearing up to embark on fun adventures this summer, these packing tips will come in handy and help take some of the stress out of the packing process.

We personally know the frustration of both over-packing and under-packing when on vacation and the stress that can set in when you wait until the last minute to pack and then realize you forgot an item that you desperately wanted to bring. These negative packing experiences inspired us to rethink our packing process and to share a few tips with you in hopes that you might avoid our packing pitfalls.

Review the infographic below for awesome packing tips that will streamline your packing process.

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

In addition to the tips above, the following are a few of our essential tips when deciding what to pack and how to pack it:

  • Pack neutral clothing pieces that can be easily mixed and matched for multiple outfit options.
  • Bring a good pair of jeans – jeans can be re-worn multiple times before needing to be washed and are such a staple.
  • Rolling clothing items in your suitcase keeps them from getting as wrinkled.
  • Pack outfits that you’re comfortable in – the last thing you want to be on vacation is uncomfortable!
  • Always pack an extra outfit in your carry-on, just in case your bag gets lost in route to your destination.
  • Pack essential cosmetics and toiletries in your carry-on to stay fresh on the plane and in case your luggage gets lost – we always bring Evian Mineral Water Spray to keep our faces hydrated while in-flight.

We’d love to hear what travel tips you have and what your travel essentials are! Leave a comment below-

Happy travels,

Emily & Barbara

Infographic Co-produced by: Rebateszone & Fortuitous Foodies

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