Lakewood Beer Dinner with Eureka!

Lakewood Brewery Beer Dinner

We were elated when Eureka! asked us if we would like to attend the Lakewood Brewery Beer Dinner. We’re big fans of Lakewood Brewery and have been wanting to try Eureka! for a while now. We arrived at 6 p.m. and sat down at a communal table eagerly waiting for our first course and beer pairing.


As we were waiting we were educated on all things Lakewood Brewery. Here are some fun things we learned:

  • They’re located in Garland not Lakewood and they’re basically taking over ūüėČ
  • They don’t say ‘Cheers’ they say ‘Schol’!
  • They’re 3 1/2 years old and just opened a brand new beautiful taproom, along with a biergarten that’s dog friendly!
  • The infamous Temptress was actually born out of a mistake – it initially was meant to be a Porter
  • They’re top sellers are (1) Lakewood Lager (2) Temptress


Are we making you thirsty yet?!?!


The beer above is NEW and it’s called the All Call K√∂lsch with tasting notes of bright aromas, slightly fruity, delicate in body and has a nice clean finish. Bonus this new awesome beer benefits our amazing First Responders…. so you can feel good while you’re drinking it too. <insert high fives here!>


First course: The All Call was paired with delightful brussel sprouts with orange chili glaze, herb oil and macadamia nuts. This first course was super tasty!


Second course: Lobster taco with saffron cream, avocado and watermelon radish paired with Lakewood’s Till & Toil

This was our favorite course of the dinner! The lobster taco¬†was AMAZING and had so much flavor. It also¬†held up well due to the mix of corn and flour tortilla. Also, the brown rice and black bean salad was light and refreshing – loved it! I’d have this for lunch any day and be super satisfied. Way to go Eureka!


Fourth course:¬†Baby back ribs drizzled with chimichurri and served with confetti slaw paired with Lakewood Saint Dymphna. What’s cool to note is that there’s a lot of Belgian influence in Lakewood’s beer and this one has a really cool story. Curious to know what it is? You’ll just have to head on over to their new taproom soon to find out!


Fifth course: Chocolate Torte served with vanilla ice cream and macadamia nuts paired with our favorite Lakewood The Temptress!!! This was so yummy! This was the only course that I wished the serving size was larger, so good!


Have you been to Lakewood Brewery yet? Which of their brews is your favorite and what do you love to pair with it?! Let us know below-


Emily & Barbara

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