Wellness Spring Essentials With BabbleBoxx

As many of you know we have been on a post partum wellness journey. We finally starting to feel like ourselves again. Friendly reminder, it takes time and most women’s bodies don’t completely reset until the 18 month mark! So be easy on yourself, practice gratitude, and self love. Respect all that you’ve accomplished to get to where you are today!

Wellness Spring Essentials With BabbleBoxx

Speaking about wellness and new routines, #selfcare has been a major focus these past months and we’re finally shifting away from burnout and into a more balanced space. Carving out time to take care of yourself is uber important and we’re excited to share with you some fantastic products that we received from Babbleboxx that lend themselves perfectly to this effort.

BabbleBoxx sent us high quality, trending wellness products that enable you to take time for yourself and relax! Listen to your favorite music, get glowy with amazing skincare products and fuel yourself on those crazy, hectic, busy days. #LiveLoveShare

Wellness Spring Essentials With BabbleBoxx

Here are four wellness focused products we’re loving right now:

Patchology moodpatch™ Eye Gels 

These eye gel patches are fantastic! Use when you’re having an at home spa day or throw in your carry-on while traveling.

We’re loving that you’re able to select from Down Time, Perk Up or Happy Place. Each of these patches gives you different results and work for what your need is in the moment. That being said, we’ll be using Down Time this weekend and throwing the Perk Up in our suitcase for our upcoming trip to NYC!

Patchology moodpatch™ Eye Gels in Wellness Spring Essentials With BabbleBoxx

Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones

Victory moment y’all! We’ve finally found headphones that actually stay in place while working out! This has been such a struggle for years now. I (Emily) have small ears and most headphones and air pods just fall right out and off my ears and never stay in place. With Aftershokz we never have to worry about this as their headphones use bone conduction revolutionary technology that allows for the headphones to stay in place outside of your ear.

Aftershokz changes the way you experience audio and we’ve been loving it on walks, jogs and spinning indoors while the babies are napping. Click here and use code HEALTH50 for $50 off Trekz Air and Trekz Titanium Endurance Bundles.

Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones in Wellness Spring Essentials With BabbleBoxx

The Synergy Company Supplements

The Synergy Company Supplements in Wellness Spring Essentials With BabbleBoxx

We’re all about being well in mind, body and spirit. We’ve really upped our supplement intake in the past few months to achieve this. Pure Synergy is rooted in powerful healing. Their mission is to create the best, most effective products possible.

Berry PowerTM combines 20+ of the world’s most nutrient-dense berries and fruits. It creates an all-natural antioxidant powder that supports a healthy heart, brain, immune system, vision and radiant skin. Mix 1 teaspoon with 4-6 oz water or add to a smoothie and you’re good to go!

The Synergy Company Supplements

Enzyme Power™ is a digestive enzyme supplement that supports healthy digestion. It also supports nutrient absorption and helps to prevent bloating and discomfort from food intolerance. We’ve been taking enzyme with meals for a few months now as prescribed by our doctor. We have seen an awesome difference in our digestion. That being said, make sure and ask your doctor before taking any supplements to make sure they’re right for you just as we did.
Use code SPRING15 for 15% off your total order now through May 31, 2019!

CELSIUS Fitness Drink

CELSIUS is a fitness drink which has been clinically proven to accelerate metabolism and burn calories & body fat while providing healthy energy.

It has green tea leaves, ginger and guarana seeds which provides a healthy energy boost. It also has 7 essential vitamins, no artificial preservatives or flavors, no aspartame, or high fructose corn syrup, zero sugar and is very low in sodium! Find it on Amazon and enjoy before your next high intensity workout.


Emily & Barbie

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com.

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