Whole30 Friendly Restaurants in Dallas

The Ultimate List of Whole30 Friendly Restaurants in Dallas!

Since doing #JanuaryWhole30 last year we’ve done quite a bit of research on Whole30 Friendly Restaurants in Dallas. Here’s our ultimate list featuring 23 options of where to eat when you’re on the Whole30 program. Also, if there are DFW restaurants not on this list that you think should be on it let us know in the comments below or send us a DM on Instagram and we will add it to this list! Bon Appetit and Happy Whole30! You can do it!

Whole30 Dallas Restaurants

Even when we’re not fully on Whole30 we still try and eat clean and are constantly referencing our Whole30 Group Pinterest Board and favorite recipes found here on the blog. Another element that made Whole30 more enjoyable was doing the plan with friends and family that way you have someone holding you accountable. Getting bored and needing to mix things up? Adding a Whole30 potluck dinner party to your calendar is a lot of fun!  This was one of our favorite things we did with Stephanie Drenka and Andrea from Loubies and Lulu! You can see our Whole30 Dinner Party Menu here.

Whole30 Dallas Restaurants

Now on to the restaurants! Keep reading to discover where to go when living in Dallas or Fort Worth and on Whole30….

Whole30 Restaurant List | Dallas

(1) True Food Kitchen

(2) TJ’s Seafood Kitchen

(3) Gather Kitchen

(4) Unleavened 

(5) Crisp Salad Co


(6) Eatzi’s 

(7) The Greenhouse Market

(8)  Mudhen // love that you can build your own plates and bowls. Make sure and tell your waiter that you’re on Whole30 and they’ll point you in the right direction.

(9) HG Supply Co // Order the Yellow Curry Bowl, you’ll thank us later!

(10) Origin Kitchen + Bar // Loved having lunch here and getting their sweet potato hash. Make sure and tell your waiter that you’re on Whole30 and they’ll point you in the right direction.


(11) Kalachandjis 

(12) Righteous Food *Fort Worth

(13) Snap Kitchen // So much Whole30 goodness to be found! Also, these sloppy Joes sweet potato wedges are AWESOME!

(14) Juiceland

(15) The Gem

(16) Flower Child

(17) Pok The Raw Bar

(18) Snappy Salads

(19) Sundown at Granada


(20) Dive Coastal Cuisine

(21) Chipotle


(22) Kozy Kitchen

(23) Press Cafe *Fort Worth

Whole30 Dining Out Tips

  • Prep beforehand. Pull up the menu and figure out what’s most likely going to be Whole30 compliant. Then make your server aware that you’re doing Whole30 and make sure the food isn’t prepared with off limit ingredients, which leads us to our next point.
  • Know what’s off limits!
  • It’s also a good idea to let your server know what you ingredients you can have. Think EVOO, clarified butter, coconut oil, ghee, veggies, meat and so on.
  • Look for organic, grass fed and farm to table options. Most places have meat and veggie options that a restaurant should be able to make Whole30.
  • Ask if you can substitute. It’s should be fine to swap out veggies sautéed in EVOO instead of fries!

You can print out this pdf and keep it in your pocket or purse. Again, you’ve got this! Reach out to us for any advice, recipe sharing and Whole30 community building!

Whole30 Dallas Restaurants



Emily & Barbie

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  1. 10.5.18
    Hakim said:

    I went to Eatzis and used olive oil and red wine vinegar for dressing. Their grilled chicken is cooked in olive oil didn’t do Cajun because ithe seasonings probably contain sugar. WHOLE30!

    • 11.1.18
      Emily Stafford said:

      Fantastic tip Hakim! I love it and will order my salad this way next time 🙂

  2. 1.11.20
    Crys said:

    True food was booked, found Cava close by. Yummy bowls. I stand in my way of living and hubby was happy with his bowl. WIN!!

    • 2.6.20
      Emily Stafford said:

      I have a Cava super close by and LOVE it!

  3. 7.4.22

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