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Best Blonde Colorist in Dallas

Finding a colorist who you mesh well with and understands exactly what you want AND can deliver it is extremely hard to come by. Finding the perfect shade of platinum blonde that still has dimension with some buttery, slightly golden undertones is difficult to pull off and I spent over half a year trying out different Dallas salons and colorists only to be disappointed until Marnie Doxey came into my life. I am forever grateful to Stephanie Drenka for recommending Marnie to me! After commenting on the beauty of Stephanie’s balayage, I too, was on my way to Pinterest worthy blonde locks. Marnie was able to deliver exactly what I’ve been wanting and that’s why I believe that Marnie is the best blonde colorist in Dallas!

best blonde in dallas

Marnie works at Chad Rookstool Salon in Downtown Dallas, conveniently located in Victory Park. The space is modern, warm and welcoming with copious amounts of natural light streaming in.

After scrolling through Marnie’s Instagram feed I knew I would be in good hands. Also, I must note that not only is she an amazing colorist she’s also super skilled at cut and the art of the blow out! I love how she styles my hair after each color session and leaves me with gorgeous, loose waves that look like I just spent the day next to the ocean!

Keep reading to see Marnie in action and my blonde color transformation…

best blonde in dallas

Prior to my appointment with Marnie I went through Pinterest and saved / screenshotted what I deemed ‘my perfect blonde’. It was great being able to review these pictures with her as she guided me in the right direction and let me know what her expert opinion was along the way. Since my quest to finding the best blonde colorist in Dallas had me booking at multiple salons and having to vet countless colorists, this also left my hair in an unbalanced state. Colorists color differently, especially when it comes to techniques used, and I will admit I had some brassy, uneven color going on of which I’m calling tiger stripes, so you get the picture – not ideal!

After reviewing and aligning, Marnie laid out what needed to happen next to get my hair to the blonde I love most and that involved three appointments. Even after just the first appointment (shown here) I was thrilled with the results! Now, after seeing Marney over 4Xs she’s my go to girl and I love my hair more and more each time! In fact, I’ll be there this week getting my color touched up for our maternity photoshoot.

best blonde in dallas

Something else to be excited about are the amazing cruelty free products Chad Rookstool Salon uses and keeps stocked for clients. They’re all about the highest of quality hair products, with my favorite brands being Rahua, R+Co and Kevin.Murphy. All of these are gentle, without parabens or sulfates (SLS or SLES). Below I have listed out my must have products to keep my blonde bright, hydrated and properly toned.

You’ll also be ecstatic to learn, as was I, that the prices for their services are some of the most affordable I have seen in Dallas!

best blonde in dallas

Another wonderful thing about Marnie is not only is she an amazing colorist she is also an incredible person! I always look forward to getting to spend time with her and our conversations, laughs, victories and time spent together have led us to also become friends. As you can see in the picture below she has a beautiful, fun, optimistic personality and she clearly loves what she does. It’s both refreshing and uplifting!

best blonde in dallas

As noted previously, she rocks a blow out and I always leave feeling extra beautiful and confident. She even taught me how to recreate these beautiful waves at home!

best blonde in dallas

Being pregnant it’s become even more important to me that I’m using safer hair products. I’ve been using the below products on rotation and am pleased to report that not only does my blonde look great, it feels great too! So soft and vibrant!

Best Blonde Hair Products 

Kevin Murphy // Skincare for your hair

*All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free. They soften the hair and repair chemical damage naturally.*


*All Rahua products are vegan, organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and support indigenous economies!*


*All R+Co products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe.cruelty free*

Book an appointment with Marnie at Chad Rookstool Salon and let her know that you found her through us! Also, a million thanks to Marnie for my beautiful blonde! Counting down to my next appointment!



I received a complimentary service for this post. All opinions are my own. 
Beautiful pictures by Stephanie Drenka 

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