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Happy National Nutrition Month! 🍊 Our wellness journey’s have continued to evolve over the years, which is why we’re excited to introduce a new content series to Fortuitous Foodies. Each week we’ll be sharing with you our favorite food, wine, and wellness finds 🌟  across our blog and Instagram. We’re kicking it off with four products that we love incorporating into our wellness routines – some being new finds and some that we’ve been using for years from trusted brands such as Bragg for gut health and CHOMPS

BRAGG from BabbleBoxx

Gut Health

Healthy gut, healthy you. People with a variety of good bacteria in their gut tend to be healthier and a healthy gut includes a range of both prebiotics and probiotics. Each work in a different way. One wellness ritual we strive to do daily upon waking is drinking a glass of filtered room temp water that has a splash of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. This helps rehydrate after sleeping and provides gut health boosting benefits.

Bragg has been on the wellness scene since 1912 and they’re experts when it comes to high quality ACV products and more. A new favorite, the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Refreshers taste great and provide 2 tbsp of ACV making it a super convenient way to support your gut in snap!

You can also optimize your gut health by focusing on:

  • reducing stress
  • incorporating more movement into your lifestyle
  • getting enough sleep
  • eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables

Eat This Book

Wellness Books

It’s no secret how much we love books! We’ve built quite the collection of favorite cook books, beautifully illustrated food books, and wellness books. We find inspiration everywhere and it’s always exciting when we discover a new source that’s worthy of sharing. Eat This Book: Knowledge to Feed Your Appetite and Inspire Your Next Meal by Stacy Michelson is such a gem and would also make for a fun hostess gift.

This book is packed with unique farmers’ market finds, pantry staples, and unique global ingredients. This engaging and fun read helps you gain a deeper appreciation for familiar food and new ingredients. Up your foodie education and be inspired along the way while learning about different ways to use healthy ingredients and make the best choices for your nutrition going forward!

Veestro Plant based from BabbleBoxx


Honestly, the struggle is real when trying to incorporate as many vegetables into our diets as possible. It’s always a goal and we find ourselves falling short time and time again. Life is busy and work is stressful so during the week we start off with the best healthiest intentions and then find ourselves having to reach for the easiest, most convenient option instead of a freshly cooked vegetable bowl or nutrient dense salad.

In efforts to lean more into plant-based vegan / vegetarian ways we reached out to our community and many people recommended Veestro meal delivery. Veestro serves up fully-prepared, 100% plant-based nutritious meals and ships nationally. Their mission is to help everyone eat more plants by providing chef-crafted delicious meals that just need to be heated and enjoyed. Healthy, convenience delivered!

We love that they also offer gluten-free options and are ready to eat in five minutes or less. With meals like Lentil and Spinach Tagine, Mushroom Risotto, and South Indian Coconut Stew you’re sure to find familiar flavors in fun plant-based formats that deliver optimal nutrition. We’ve liked everything we’ve tried so far and we have a fantastic promo code if you’d like to try Veestro too!

Use code BABBLE25 to receive 25% off any order. Expires March 31, 2021

CHOMPS from BabbleBoxx

Protein Packed Wholesome Snacks

Need a healthy, protein packed snack that’s Whole30 approved, keto, paleo-friendly, gluten-free and perfect for on the go? We love these flavor forward high-quality meat sticks from CHOMPS! They helped get us through our first round of Whole30 and have been a go-to ever since.

CHOMPS boast of the highest of quality. The CHOMPS beef and venison are 100% grass-fed and finished. Their turkey is free range and all proteins used are hormone free, antibiotic free, and humanely raised. They never contain added sugar, soy, dairy, artificial preservatives or colors. They also do not contain MSG, fillers, binders, added nitrates or nitrites. SUPER CLEAN!

Out of all of their grass fed beef sticks the Jalapeno Beef is our absolute favorite and we’re looking forward to trying the Italian Beef and Sea Salt Beef flavors that are AIP-friendly. Use the promo code: BABBLE20 through 3/31/21 and experience the above for yourself, family, and/or friends!

Cheers to National Nutrition Month and increased longevity friends!

With gratitude,

Emily & Barbie

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